Resistence is Futile

OK, so I finally, finally, finally gave in.  I bought a GPS for this trip.  I’ve traveled across country by car many, many times.  Early in life with my parents, then again in my 20’s when I moved from FL to LA, a few more times for a few more reasons and again a few years back on a journey to speak at colleges across the country about The Business of Show.  This time it’s to build the Act Outside the Box brand on the west coast.

And always with a map.  And before the last time, without a cell phone.

My friends and other well wishers for my journey said “What? You don’t have a GPS?”  To me it felt like I was going in to outer space or something.  Come on, I-40 is fairly plain and simple.  Hard to get lost.

But I’m one of those folks that prefer to do things the old fashioned way I guess.  I like to use my wits and brain and intention and attention.  Heck, I don’t even use a calculator to balance my checkbook!

Buuuutttt, I gave in.  In Staples the week before I left and with a giant coupon in hand, I bought a Garmin (I’ve named her Sally the Sat Nav) and you know what?  I LOVE her!  She speaks in soothing tones and gives me little updates along the way.

Sometimes it IS better to stop resisting.  Sometimes it’s better to go with the flow.  But I still like knowing in the back of my mind that I can get there with a map!  Lisa Gold

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  1. Lynn McCune
    Lynn McCune says:

    Good for you, Lisa! And as with all things computerized, always temper it with your wit and brain and intention and action. Sally may have some faults, especially in the city. (Just experienced that with a friend in DC, when his GPS instructed him to turn left onto a one-way street going right). We’ll miss you on Thursday! Happy New Year!


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