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The Reason to Love Rejection

Today I will share with you some of my most useful career experience. Believe it or not, it comes from rejection, and lots of it. Who likes rejection? I’ll tell ya who – I do! Well, maybe not ‘like” it, but certainly I can appreciate it. I knew I wanted to be in show business […]

In Defense of Your Agent

Conventional wisdom suggests that you need an agent and/or manager to make your acting dreams come true. They sign you, introduce you to casting directors who introduce you to the decision-makers and the result is champagne and red carpets. Well, conventional wisdom is all kinds of wrong. Agents are human beings with human limitations who […]

Prescription for Inspiration

Are you feeling fortunate? As creative and performing artists, the phrase “fame and fortune” is used a lot. We all know that the fame is about acknowledgment. But what about the fortune part? Is it really only about money? I don’t think so. Fortune and being fortunate, expresses itself in our daily lives in so […]

How to Not Stay Broke All the Time (Part 2)

In the continuation of my last post on The 10 Commandments of Personal Finance for Actors, here again is the vital yet not discussed very much subject of money in our business. Every actor wants money, but you’re not in it for the money.  Hummm. The pure love of art and the craft of acting is the […]

How to Not Stay Broke All the Time

The real title of this message is:  The 10 Commandments of Personal Finance for Actors.  But that’s not very sexy.  Money in our business tends to be a taboo subject and even though every actor wants it, many work for free for the love of the art.  People in our business tend to be broke […]

3 Tips to Help You Achieve Your Dreams

It’s nice to have dreams, essential in fact, but at the end of the day they are never going to come true unless you ACT on them! (See how I did that, LOL!) These 3 tips will help you clarify your dreams and work toward them in the most efficient way. I HIGHLY recommend the […]

A Faster Way to Realize Your Dreams

Here’s a little “to do” that if you actually DO it, will help you get what you want much faster!  But of course, you have to know what it is you want for this to work.  I have found in my coaching sessions that not distinguishing what EXACTLY my client wants is the biggest obstacle […]