Resistence is Futile

OK, so I finally, finally, finally gave in.  I bought a GPS for this trip.  I’ve traveled across country by car many, many times.  Early in life with my parents, then again in my 20’s when I moved from FL to LA, a few more times for a few more reasons and again a few years back on a journey to speak at colleges across the country about The Business of Show.  This time it’s to build the Act Outside the Box brand on the west coast.

And always with a map.  And before the last time, without a cell phone.

My friends and other well wishers for my journey said “What? You don’t have a GPS?”  To me it felt like I was going in to outer space or something.  Come on, I-40 is fairly plain and simple.  Hard to get lost.

But I’m one of those folks that prefer to do things the old fashioned way I guess.  I like to use my wits and brain and intention and attention.  Heck, I don’t even use a calculator to balance my checkbook!

Buuuutttt, I gave in.  In Staples the week before I left and with a giant coupon in hand, I bought a Garmin (I’ve named her Sally the Sat Nav) and you know what?  I LOVE her!  She speaks in soothing tones and gives me little updates along the way.

Sometimes it IS better to stop resisting.  Sometimes it’s better to go with the flow.  But I still like knowing in the back of my mind that I can get there with a map!  Lisa Gold

Best Laid Plans and Armani’s 16th Birthday

So this is it!  Last night I pulled out of my parking space in front of my apartment 4 hours later than planned, to start my big adventure driving across the country to Los Angeles.  My car is packed to the gills with only what I think will be needed for the next 6 months and of course, my most precious (hate to say possessions, cause they’re not possessions) furry children.  As I write this, Armani is celebrating his 16th birthday today.  We’re off to Charlotte, NC, again a few hours later than planned, but heck…as I’ve taught many in my CEO workshop, a planned 37 minutes usually takes an hour.

Give your career that extra time too.  Why be in such a hurry?  Enjoy the ride and follow along with me as I journey “outside my own box” to bring the Business of Show to the west coast.

Thanks for all of the good vibes and I’ll see you soon.  Lisa

P.S.  I’d love to hear some stories about your road trips, either to the Big Apple or the Big Orange.  How did you get here?

Box Office Friday – Larry Crowne

Today’s movie, Larry Crowne, is one of my favorite KINDS of movies.  Romantic comedy, known in the industry as RomCom, is a favorite escape.  Humor, romance, some kind of silly conflict to over come, popcorn and familiar faces as I sit in a dark theater with a big screen.  (I’m not a movie-at-home/Netflix kind of gal!)

What I think I like most about this one is that it is also directed by Tom Hanks.  Now there’s an actor to admire not only because of his acting but for how he lives his life.  He’s managed to have a life and career untouched by controversy, drug or alcohol abuse, has a loving marriage…heck, he’s a GREAT guy and creates an atmosphere on his set of fun, play and ease.  He hasn’t written a tell all, produced any illegitimate children, screwed over any partners or done anything that anyone could call him a bad guy for.  I’ve seen interviews about the atmosphere he created on this movie…playful, easy, and no “struggle” allowed.  He’s loved by cast and crew alike and that translates to what we viewers see on the screen.

And that’s the point – a career filled with joy and pleasure, goodness and abundance, starts with a life that is full of the same.  Many actors seem to think that a successful career is what will have them have a happy and successful life.  I think it’s the other way around.  If  you enjoy what you’re doing in life, then that IS success.  Stop struggling (it’s optional!) and start enjoying the process.

Lighten up, have fun, and like Larry Crowne, make the best out of what some could consider a set back.  Life is what you make it and so is your career!  I’d love to hear how you are ENJOYING the process of pursuing your acting career!  Tips or hints to help other readers take the struggle away would be very much appreciated!  Lisa Gold

Ashton vs. Charlie


I’m really excited about Ashton Kutcher taking over the reigns at Two and a Half Men. Why? It’s not because I’m a huge fan, it’s because I’m a huge fan of the show itself and wanted it to continue more than anything. I would have actually boycotted it had CBS and the execs rewarded Charlie’s bad boy behavior and brought him back with his “requested” raise to the show.

There are too many deserving actors out there, you included, who are to be rewarded for their efforts and good behavior AND for what they contribute in the way of entertainment and pleasure in this crazy world. Ashton Kutcher is one of the good guys who has never been in the news for anything other than his fabulousness and the love of a good (slightly older, yippee!) woman!  Lisa Gold

Box Office Friday

Wonder why I’m calling this “Box Office Fridays”?  Well its because movies The Dilemmausually premier (with some exceptions) on a Friday AND my  company is call Act Outside the BOX.  Seemed a natural fit and I love to do things with alliteration, number sequences, colors…you know marketing CAN be creative!

One of the movies opening today is called The Dilemma, starring Kevin James, Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Connolly, Winona Ryder and Queen Latifah.  This is a comedy directed by Ron Howard and here’s my dilemma – with this cast and director how can this possibly be anything other than a great movie, right?  We’ll see.  My theory being if it’s not written well, who cares?  A GOOD or even GREAT film begins and ends with the script.  I’m gonna check it out and see if writer Allan Loeb can pull it off. Read more

No More New Years Resolutions

2011So here it is, another year. Funny how we make such a big deal out of the turn of the calendar page. Really, what’s different? Today followed yesterday and precedes tomorrow…just like usual. I guess it’s just the global agreement that this is a chance for us to start over, begin something new or improve the things that could be enhanced a bit.

Lots of actors make resolutions to do the things they didn’t the year before so that THIS year they can really get out there and work! Well I’ve noticed that the actors that have this attitude on March 7th, August 21st and October 16th are the ones that really get it. EVERY day is a chance to start again, take on new practices and get in or stay in action. Read more