Gold, Dick…in the army they put his last name first on his uniform.

And that’s how I got here! Ba-dum-bump!

My father, the comedian, passed away peacefully this week and I just wanted to share a bit with you, my community, who he was for me.

First, I want to express my AWE at the outpouring of love, condolences and just plain support I have received since letting you know of what is happening in my world. It’s very unusual that a person gets to share this experience with so many, and the lessons I have learned both about death, and about human kindness, have given me a perspective I didn’t have before.

Dad and I are a lot alike. More so than I want to admit. We both have a desire to make an impact by bringing humor to the world, but at the same time have been a little less “open” about how we feel when sharing ourselves personally. Seems easier to be authentic with a group of people than one-on-one.

We didn’t get along at times and teetered between loving adoration and stubborn righteousness. That being said, we both had feelings we could express to other people (like how proud he was of me and how much I admired him), just not each other.

Out of the experience of being with him and my family surrounding his bedside at the time he drew his last breath, I have vowed to be a little bit more vulnerable, to let people in and to serve as many people as I can by example instead of just words.

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in person at my seminars and events and when we do meet, just look me in the eye so we can connect in that moment in time.  I truly love having you in my life and I hope that I can continue to make a difference in yours.


Lisa Gold

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  1. Larry Wasserman
    Larry Wasserman says:

    Lisa I knew your dad and your family in the 1970’s. My wife and I worked for your dad at the Casba in the Holiday Inn in Tampa, FL. We were also around for his next adventures and I am very to read about his passing. My best to you and your family. If I remember correctly your mother’s name is Cherie. How is she doing? My best, Larry Wasserman.

    • lisa
      lisa says:

      Hi Larry, When I read your name it was immediately remembered from my past. Are you “uncle” Larry? So nice to hear from someone in Dad’s past…and I can’t believe it’s been almost a year ago…well a few months away…from when he passed. He was married to his 3rd wife Pat for the last 15 amazingly happy years of his life, despite on-going illness and got to be close to my mother again as well. Thanks for your kind words and “the show goes on” through his appreciative daughter!

  2. Don & Jenny Fishler
    Don & Jenny Fishler says:

    My husband (Don Fishler) and I were sad to learn of your dad’s passing. We were friends back in the Fogcutter days… 1974…the year we married (same day as your dad) the year that was the best of years…
    My husband traveled, returning most often on Wednesdays. We’d walk into the Fogcutter and Dick would start strumming and singing “Come Wednesday…”, a take on Jimmy Buffett’s hit. We were young and in love, all of us, the world was our oyster.
    We’ve warbled “Just a bowl of butter beans” many times over the years and toasted Gold Dick.
    Fond memories. We send condolences – sincere, if belated.

    • Lisa Gold
      Lisa Gold says:

      Thank you sooooo much for this wonderful, out of the blue (is it ever?) note of appreciation for my father. It’s been 6 years since he passed away but it still seems like yesterday. I “speak” with him often as he’s a much better listener these days! I still listen to his album that he cut in 1968 and can hardly believe that 50 years will have passed in 2018. His comedy is STILL funnier than most out there and it’s nice to hear from others who know this to be true as well. Thanks ever so much!

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