“Your presentation at AFTRA was so helpful, and this little agent list with your notes is just about the nost helpful thing I’ve ever needed. I’ve been putting off sending out headshots because I simply not afford to send out 200 of them. But with this, I only need to send out 30 and that’s a huge difference. Thank you. You made a completely overwhelming task easy.” – Jae Mann

“Lisa, I just wanted to thank you and give you the news that I now am freelancing with two agents from your wonderful “recommended agent” list, DDO and AboutFace! Your How to Get and Keep an Agent seminar and this list was just what got me going, I must say.” – Billy Holly

“I have been looking for the right advice regarding the entertainment industry and I finally found the right company. Act Outside the Box is the perfect place to learn about the business and how to create connections. Take Lisa’s workshops and you will be on the fast track to reaching your goals. Thank you!” – Maira Kraljevic

“As always, your workshops are extremely enlightening and a lot of fun. I love your warm, bright energy and how well you present the information. Your seminars are always so jam packed with useful info and I thank you so much for doing these kinds of programs.” – Steven Vega

“Being a newer actor, its very confusing and frustrating to figure out the right steps to start off a successful career. One class with Lisa Gold solved that problem for me and put me ahead of the curve over other actors. I came in confused, but thanks to Lisa, I left with a real plan.” – Marcin Paluch

“How I wish I had you in my Conservatory training! Today was a real pleasure and a great learning experience. Thank you again.” – Christina Perry

“Thank you for helping me implement some concrete ways to develop myself and the business I’m creating. At 51 years of age I finally feel like I am taking the right steps! I’ve taken a lot of courses but your sincerity and genuine affection for people is astounding. You helped me to address some of my fears as well as my ignorance. Thank you, thank you. Transforming!!!” – Jacqueline Jeffries

“Dearest Lisa. What I have in my heart as a human being, and as an actor for many years, came out so easily today in front of you and the group attending this most amazing workshop. I’m ready to start a mission I know I will accomplish. Thank you for your kindness and inspiration…thank you for your support and help…thank you for your knowledge and for being you. Thank you Lisa, thank you.” – Fulvia Vergel

“Lisa, I found today extremely helpful. I feel re-energized and motivated to push ahead and I thank you so much for that. Some things I heard I already knew, but there was other info, new and insightful and delivered in a really positive way, which in think is really rare.” – Amy Tribbey

“Today I got an electric shock to get me going. My career has been slow and its been me slowing it down. Today I can now see what I need to do to move forward. Thank you, Lisa.” – Allysa RamDass

“Very informative and your passion and enthusiasm are contagious! I feel much more grounded and determined to succeed.” – Brad Fenton

“Thank you for being so honest. As always, you have offered me valuable information to help me market myself and make the transition to full time actress.” – Cole Murray

“Well, you are “God sent” for me. I just got here 3 weeks ago determined to make this career work and make the best of it. The 2 seminars I′ve taken with you so far have been VERY helpful, have opened my eyes and mind even more. Your opinion is clear, precise and simple. Thank you for your advice and for taking the time answering my questions.” – Edna Lee Figueroa

“You’ve helped re-awaken my drive on the business side of this crazy business. I’ve also realized at this time my network is abundant, but there’s always room to grow. Thank you.” – Greg Wattkis

“I really enjoy your seminars and will attend more. Your sincerity is infectious – it′s not just making money for you. You really care about actors, it′s obvious!” – Michael Walker

“I am so energized!! I got lots of great ideas and also feel much more focused. I am determined to make use of all this information. The handouts you give are VERY helpful. Thanks for the encouragement. Lisa, you are so positive and I love your energy!” – Mimi Evans

“Necessary for EVERY actor! Lisa’s approach not only saves you time and money but will help you develop a solid foundation from which to develop your career.” – Kevin Gruber

“Soooo informative! There is so much I didn’t know. Now I feel more privy to the “secrets” of the business and how to approach getting work in a different way.” – Gary DeVirgilio

“At first the plethora of information that Lisa gives seems overwhelming but then I realized by the end of the program it was just the opposite…for probably the first time, I HAVE A PLAN!!!” – Marisa Costa

“Lisa, you are the best at helping others become their best. That’s a gift. Thank you.” – T. Leon Williams