Does your resume reflect what you uniquely offer? It should.

Even actors who have been in the business for years may not know how to position their resume credits to pop and grab the attention of the reader.  If you think just putting down everything you’ve ever done, your training, special skills, etc. and sending it in will do the job, then I urge you to work with me on one of your most important marketing tools.  Resume writing is an art and a skill, just like acting.

There’s a huge psychology as to WHY agents and casting directors choose who they do when calling in actors for auditions and appointments.  I’ve studied it for years, heard from the horse’s mouths about what they are looking for on that doc, and want you to have this knowledge too.  That’s why this is a coaching AND writing session. In just 45 minutes time, you’ll see your career future change with just a few edits and a little bit of repositioning…like magic!

Here’s a few reasons why you might consider working with me:

  • Your current acting resume doesn’t seem to be working.  You’re not getting the auditions you’re submitting for on your own and agents aren’t calling you in for representation.
  • You have an agent and he/she is having that same trouble…getting you in the door to CDs.
  • It’s messy, cluttered or lacking “established” credits and you just don’t know how to make what you do have look good.
  • You aren’t sure of current industry standards as far as format, spacing, categories, or the differences between a NY, LA or “other area” resume.
  • You are just starting out in your acting career or you’re coming back to it after a long absence and don’t know what to put on (or take off) your resume.
  • You aren’t sure what your type/brand is and are offering everything to everyone, remaining stuck and essentially nothing to no one. You’re all over the place and may have heard the phrase “I just don’t know what to do with you.”
  • You’re not sure if the skills you have are marketable for you acting career (as in life) or how to really sell yourself.

Your time with me works like this:

After you register you’ll receive an email with some basic guidelines and questions to answer.  Based on your answers, you’ll want to give your resume a “first pass” with some updates according to those guidelines and how you answered those questions.  This saves us time on our call to work on more important things.  You’ll  then email me both your updated resume AND your head shot.  I’ll take 15 minutes of my own time, reviewing what you’ve done, do my own prep and homework and be ready for our coaching session.

In that half hour session, we’ll discuss not only where you’ve been but where you want to go.  Your resume is, after all, a road map into your future!  We’ll design together the best, most effective resume that will lead the readers of it, to the same destination…auditions, agent appointments, and more.  The job of this tool is to GET YOU IN THE DOOR.  Better than that is that because I’ve taught you what to do, you can repeat this process as your ever changing resume grows and grows.

After our session,  you’re off to take what you got from the coaching and make any tweaks or final edits.  Email it back for one last approval and wala, you’re ready to send it out.

Actors who have worked with me in the past have had this to say:

“Lisa was a very inspiring and informative force and source. I really enjoyed cleaning up my resume and focusing on the credits that really show who I am. Great job!!!” ~ Louisa Bradshaw

“I am very excited about my journey returning to this business after many years away. I’m approaching re-entry with a business perspective and I so appreciate your advice.” ~ Renee Stork

“Lisa is a marketing genius, and due to her generous generosity, she makes one believe she could be a genie and just possibly make those wishes come true!  She is concise, organized, knowledgeable, sharing and caring.” ~ Cindy Dumestre


Grab your coaching spot  today!
Only $99
(but worth thousands…)

Special Notes:  Consultation must be taken within 30 days of registration.  After our consultation, you have 7 days to email your finalized version of your resume for my review. After 7 days, I will consider your resume consultation/writing package complete and any further changes or requests after that may incur an additional charge.

“I must say you are terrific for sharing this knowledge.” ~ James Jondreau

“The info was simply and efficiently explained. Kudos to Lisa for communicating this information in a spirited and straight forward manner. Thank you!” ~ Veronique Ory


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