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Ashton vs. Charlie

  I’m really excited about Ashton Kutcher taking over the reigns at Two and a Half Men. Why? It’s not because I’m a huge fan, it’s because I’m a huge fan of the show itself and wanted it to continue more than anything. I would have actually boycotted it had CBS and the execs rewarded […]

Box Office Friday

It’s so interesting as actors who simply want to “be up there on that screen, stage, little screen” that we don’t consider what the “end user” wants or needs. We are VERY concerned with our talent and what we want for our career but very few actors take into consideration what this biz is ultimately about – providing entertainment, art, enjoyment for SOMEONE ELSE.

No More New Years Resolutions

So here it is, another year. Funny how we make such a big deal out of the turn of the calendar page. Really, what’s different? Today followed yesterday and precedes tomorrow…just like usual. I guess it’s just the global agreement that this is a chance for us to start over, begin something new or improve […]