Box Office Friday – Larry Crowne

Today’s movie, Larry Crowne, is one of my favorite KINDS of movies.  Romantic comedy, known in the industry as RomCom, is a favorite escape.  Humor, romance, some kind of silly conflict to over come, popcorn and familiar faces as I sit in a dark theater with a big screen.  (I’m not a movie-at-home/Netflix kind of gal!)

What I think I like most about this one is that it is also directed by Tom Hanks.  Now there’s an actor to admire not only because of his acting but for how he lives his life.  He’s managed to have a life and career untouched by controversy, drug or alcohol abuse, has a loving marriage…heck, he’s a GREAT guy and creates an atmosphere on his set of fun, play and ease.  He hasn’t written a tell all, produced any illegitimate children, screwed over any partners or done anything that anyone could call him a bad guy for.  I’ve seen interviews about the atmosphere he created on this movie…playful, easy, and no “struggle” allowed.  He’s loved by cast and crew alike and that translates to what we viewers see on the screen.

And that’s the point – a career filled with joy and pleasure, goodness and abundance, starts with a life that is full of the same.  Many actors seem to think that a successful career is what will have them have a happy and successful life.  I think it’s the other way around.  If  you enjoy what you’re doing in life, then that IS success.  Stop struggling (it’s optional!) and start enjoying the process.

Lighten up, have fun, and like Larry Crowne, make the best out of what some could consider a set back.  Life is what you make it and so is your career!  I’d love to hear how you are ENJOYING the process of pursuing your acting career!  Tips or hints to help other readers take the struggle away would be very much appreciated!  Lisa Gold

Box Office Friday – When Art Imitates Life

I began Box Office Fridays earlier this year, intending to update this blog EVERY Friday with wit and wisdom surrounding a subject that would be screening at theater near you.  If you look back, you’ll see my “habit” hasn’t fully developed yet, so please bear with me by reading and keeping me accountable!

In any case I’m not sure if Bad Teacher, starring Cameron Diaz as a foul-mouthed, inappropriate, drinking, ruthless teacher who can’t wait to give up her bogus day job to marry rich, is quite my cup of tea.  I mean I LOVE Cameron, and director Jake Kasdan, son of Oscar winner Lawrence Kasdan, is amazing in his own right.  But do I really want to see a “humorous” portrayal of what is indeed a real problem in some of our schools?

I must admit I’m not totally up on the whole “get rid of tenure” or fire all the “bad teachers” in the system…because lets face it, GOOD and BAD are interpretations.  Just like some folks will think this movie is good and some will think it’s bad, it’s all a point of view. Read more

Box Office Friday


The MechanicOK folks, this isn’t the biggest weekend for movies, but hey, The Mechanic is finally here!  I’ve been hearing about this movie and it’s stars for the past few months but wasn’t really EAGERLY awaiting it’s release.  Why not?  I’ll explain.

Its got amazing star power (Jason Statham, Donald Sutherland, Tony Goldwyn), a neat plot line (an elite assassin with a strict code and unique talent for cleanly eliminating targets with detachment gets personal when his close friend is murdered) and has had some wonderful marketing and now is opening with wide distribution.  So how come I’m not going to see it? Read more

Box Office Friday

Wonder why I’m calling this “Box Office Fridays”?  Well its because movies The Dilemmausually premier (with some exceptions) on a Friday AND my  company is call Act Outside the BOX.  Seemed a natural fit and I love to do things with alliteration, number sequences, colors…you know marketing CAN be creative!

One of the movies opening today is called The Dilemma, starring Kevin James, Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Connolly, Winona Ryder and Queen Latifah.  This is a comedy directed by Ron Howard and here’s my dilemma – with this cast and director how can this possibly be anything other than a great movie, right?  We’ll see.  My theory being if it’s not written well, who cares?  A GOOD or even GREAT film begins and ends with the script.  I’m gonna check it out and see if writer Allan Loeb can pull it off. Read more