Why Do You Want an Agent?

We all know we want and need one, but what’s the real reason behind having someone in your court, fighting for you too?

You get to be one of the talented actors that has a committed partner in your career.  You won’t be on your own anymore.

You’ll gain access to those awesome casting directors and auditions that you otherwise wouldn’t. Stepping up a few rungs on the ladder to reach your dreams happens quicker because you’re part of a team.

The feeling of success that comes from working side by side with your agent towards a common vision – your vision – is realized.  The right agent is a faster track to you making a living with your passion and art.

Your resources and relationships will instantly expand.  With your combined network of influence you’ll experience the “whole being greater than the sum of its parts”.

Generally your casting opportunities for roles that are a pro-fit will increase. No guessing or submitting to any/every audition possibility on every on-line casting site.  You and your agent will have discussed and targeted the roles you’re most likely to book and are appropriate for.

Your agent will “push” for you when needed and get “feedback” on why it didn’t work out when it doesn’t.  Not all the time, but certainly when it counts the most.  This will speed your career up because you can correct and continue and learn how to make it better for the next audition.

Yep, the benefits of having an agent are plentiful.  Keep your eye on the prize and go after the kind of agent that you deserve!  Study them and choose wisely…they are not “one size fits all”.  Remember a pro-fit means PROFIT!

And up next – What’s in it for them?…YES, you want to know this too!

Feel free to comment and let me know personally WHY you want an agent!

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  1. Judi
    Judi says:

    I have so much to offer and yet I don’t have an agent. What can I do next?
    I want an agent that creatively utilize all of my talents. I need an agent because they are busy with submitting all day with the breakdowns.I am in rehearsals or in class maintaining my skills.

    • Lisa Gold
      Lisa Gold says:

      Judi if you’ve got the goods craft wise, the stellar marketing materials an agent needs to work with, have chosen your target list by doing your research and have mapped out a marketing campaign, you’re doing everything you can do to get an agent interested in you. If you haven’t done the aforementioned things, well those would be your next steps!


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