Why Does an Agent Want YOU?

Yep as an agent, we know we need wonderfully talented and creative actors to represent, but what’s the real reason behind choosing a particular person to work with?

You get to be one of the people responsible for finding the “new face” everyone is talking about.  You are the discoverer of the diamond in the rough.

You’ll gain access to those awesome projects, producers, casting directors and auditions that define your status as an agent or manager. Stepping up a few rungs on the ladder to reach your dreams happens quicker because you’re part of a team.

The feeling of success that comes from working side by side with your talent towards a common vision – your vision – is realized.  The right actors are a faster track to you making a living doing what you love, buying a vacation home and sending your kids to college.

Your resources and relationships will grow.  Your new actor will bring on board their historical experience and network of influence. With your entire stable of actors continuing to create personal relationships of their own, your combined efforts will have you experience the “whole being greater than the sum of its parts”.

Your opportunities for roles that you can leverage for your actors will increase. The talent getting auditions at the co-star level, once booked, can be turned into guest star auditions and so on. Watching your actors progress is not a guessing game but simply a climb on the inevitable ladder to success.  You and your talent will have discussed and targeted the roles they’re most likely to book and are appropriate for.

You’ll be excited to “push” for your actors when needed and get “feedback” on why it didn’t work out when it doesn’t.  Not all the time, but certainly when it counts the most.  This will speed your ability to correct and continue and learn how to make things better for the next audition.

As you add more talented people to your roster to fill out “everything needed on the grocery store shelf” you become the “go to” agent for polished, professional, business-minded, easy-to-work-with actors.  A true win-win for all involved.

Yep, the benefits of having an amazing stable of actors is plentiful.  Keep your eye on the prize and go after the kind of talent that you deserve!  Study them and choose wisely…they are not “one size fits all”.  Remember a pro-fit means PROFIT!

****There’s a reason this post is almost the same as the one before it…and that’s so that you can see that YOU are equal in desire to what an agent wants.  Your job is now to BE what an agent wants, as in attractive to them.  Knowing that their desire in working with you and finding a fit is just as strong as yours can be the FLIP of the switch in your thought process that makes this game so much easier!

Does it feel better knowing that agents have very similar feelings and goals as you?  Share your feelings on this subject please.

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  1. Rochelle Robinson
    Rochelle Robinson says:

    I Lisa!
    We talked in a brief interview sometime ago perhaps last year, and what I’m am interested to know is how can I find a manager, to represent me, as I am an older actor and would prefer to have a manager if possible?

    • Lisa Gold
      Lisa Gold says:

      Hi Rochelle, What you truly need is to take a look at what you offer, the best way to translate that into your marketing materials and online profiles and THEN search for an aligned rep once you’re ready to hand all the stuff you’ve done to make their job easier on a silver platter. This is when an manager or agent will perk up, not because you want something from them, but because you offer something to them. This is the true partnership you seek. Age makes no difference in your decision to look for a manager or an agent. They play different roles and also work together in tandem. Acting jobs need every kind of actor in every kind of category.

  2. Darla
    Darla says:

    Yes! Basic Law of Attraction! Keeping in mind that the person in front of you or communicating with you “called you in” just like you “called them in”.

    • Lisa Gold
      Lisa Gold says:

      Love this Darla! Yes, I’m a huge believer of the great and powerful Law of Attraction! Sometimes I think actors “effort” too much instead of being present to how much easier it is to “allow” the right people and circumstances to align with their goals. Good on you for this wonderful recognition.


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