The Miracle of Mistakes. My Gift to You.

In my next series of posts I’ll be delving into the subjects of mistakes and fear.  Let’s face it, being an actor can be scary sometimes. 

Not knowing where your next paycheck will come from; the insecurity that is built into a business where your gig always ends and you have to constantly find the next one; the naysayers and non-believers in your career choice and path; the fear of going up on lines at an audition or worse, on the set or the stage.  Yep, there are a ton of mistakes to be made in your future (if you’re really out there doing this career) and I want to urge you to not fear making them. Mistakes are something we usually want to avoid, right?  Well I’ve got news for you (and a little story) that will offer some “re-framing” around your interpretation of mistakes.

Let’s start with the story of a mistake turning into something good – – –

Dom Perignon made a mistake during their wine preparation one Spring. The wine was entering a second stage of fermentation and was sure to break the bottles. His sous chefs asked him how they might prevent the bottles from exploding from the yeast that had come to life. Should they try putting the wine back in the cask?

Yes, Dom replied. Let us see what happens!

Days passed, and it was time for a tasting. A sample was tapped and passed to Dom. He smelled. He peered into his glass, a little perplexed at what he was seeing. He sipped. Well? he was asked. It is like drinking stars, Dom Perignon replied.

Et voila. Champagne was born.  Why a story about champagne?  On New Years Eve more champagne will be consumed world wide than any other beverage on the planet in celebration of the new year.   How about weddings, birthdays and other special occasions? Can you IMAGINE this holiday with out it? No, I certainly cannot!  And to think it came from a mistake.

Now of course there are some big mistakes that you can totally avoid.  You don’t have to make them yourself, and instead learn from others (OK, me!) so that you don’t have to pay the price!  I paid a lot of mistake tax in my time and I wanted to offer them to you so you don’t make them too. 

Stay tuned for my next post in this series to learn about 5 really big mistakes you can easily avoid that will make it easier and faster to realize your dreams and goals as an actor (and a person too!)

As usual, I welcome all of your comments below.  Do you have a mistake that you know you’re making over and over again, but can’t figure out how to break free?  Or maybe you can share a mistake you’ve made that you have learned from and let others hear what you found out.

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  1. Bill Rapp
    Bill Rapp says:

    I recently had an audition for a newly approved medication for Parkinson’s & the emotional issues that come with the disease, including depression. I was all prepared to appear on camera as that patient. When I was called into the room to audition, I learned it was a voice over not an “on camera” audition. The change caught me off guard & I lost my characterization and just did my best voice read. After I left I realized that I would have had a better chance had I read the words while staying in or returning to the character I entered the room with.

    • Lisa Gold
      Lisa Gold says:

      Awesome realization Bill. And great that you can take this kind of mistake in stride. Great take that will serve you well “next time”…because there’s always a next time!


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