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Many people have asked me who inspires me and who and where I learned what I know so that I can then assimilate and pass on amazing things to you.  I’m always pleased when I get emails or see comments letting me know that what I write, say, or teach has made a difference in someone’s life and/or career.

However grateful I am for these wonderful messages (extremely), I certainly can’t take the credit without acknowledging the sources and, of course, can’t “teach” what I haven’t learned from someone else.  Most great stuff is totally recycled in an expanded form anyway.

OK, I know I have my own special spin on things…just like you do.  But what has significantly shaped me and my world comes from the many books I’ve read, seminars I’ve taken, and mentors I’ve worked with.

Today I offer you my list of favorite books that contain the inspiration, knowledge, and great practical information as well as the mindset, outside the box thinking, and motivation that keep me going.

My desire is that this list of books will help find your own path to the expansion of your knowledge, power, and ultimately translate what you read into ACTion.  Here are the best of the best:

  1. Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill
  2. Ask and It is Given, Abraham-Hicks
  3. One Less Bitter Actor, Markus Fanagan
  4. Never Eat Alone, Keith Ferrazzi
  5. Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki
  6. The Cashflow Quadrant, Robert Kiyosaki
  7. The Game of Life and How to Play It, Florence Scovel Shinn
  8. How to Act and Eat at the Same Time, Tom Logan
  9. The Thriving Artists, Joe Abraham and Christine Negherbon
  10. The Present Actor, Marci Phillips
  11. Acting as Business, Brian O’Neil
  12. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker
  13. The 4-Hour Work Week, Timothy Ferriss
  14. The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell
  15. Power vs. Force, David R. Hawkins

Some may seem obvious (like they have the word ACT in the title!) but some don’t even mention acting. Those books are the ones you may miss, unless you have someone like me telling you “Hey, you GOTTA read this”. Trust me, these books will ROCK your business and your LIFE!

Do you have any books that have inspired you in ways you’d like to share?  Please do, in the comments section below.


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    • Lisa Gold
      Lisa Gold says:

      Thanks Cherie! I love Rob and remember him casting me in one of my first speaking roles on Guiding Light back in the day. He’s awesome and I haven’t read his book yet, so thanks for adding that to the list!

  1. Lisa A Veshecco
    Lisa A Veshecco says:

    Thanks Lisa for sharing. Ive read about half the list. Gonna tackle the other suggestions this Fall. I liked The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen. It helped me put small habits into place that over time made an exponential impact. Blessings!


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