Tap Into Your Inner Know-it-All

Want to quicken the abracadabra of your career?  The truth is, you already inherently know what to do.  Before I move on to my next set of posts with the content “to-dos” of your career, you’ve first got to realize that trusting your own intuition is key.  It won’t matter if I give you the Keys to the Kingdom if you don’t know how to unlock the door.

All the magic you need for a magical life is conjured by being and expressing who you truly are – with a sense that there is always more of you on your way from the eternal into time. You have unseen assistance and assistants who guide you.  They would say to stand center stage in your story, play an authentic role in every scenario, surround yourself with cast-mates in lead and supporting roles who help your presence to be magnified, use any antagonists as foils for defining and strengthening your character – and be aware of the cues that life is always providing you! (Your emotional guidance system).

Playing your true self and acknowledging your personal power and knowledge within, quickens a magical flow in not only your acting career but you own life story.  It also, by association, impacts positively the lives of everyone around you. For trueness in one inspires and begets trueness in others. You are here to follow a star in the sky of your own heart, to walk the path to which your inner light calls you and to offer the treasures of your uniqueness to the world. For this is how the Divine comes to Earth – not only through you, but as the uniqueness of you!

It’s time to tap in, turn on, and tune into the dreams you have for yourself and manifest them into glorious reality.  You DO already know how…by letting your internal guidance system be the GPS.  Though I’ll be offering many distinctions and many concrete ways in upcoming messages to hasten your journey by sharing my own experience and what I’ve learned, please always remember “words don’t teach”.  Only your own experience teaches.

By the way, most of what I’ve just written comes to me via my own Law of Attraction education via Abraham-Hicks.  It is this context that allows me to design the content of my extraordinary life.  And I’m so very pleased you are on this journey with me!

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