Create a Powerfully Effective Vision Board for Your Career

visionboardFor those of you that truly know me well, you know that I’m a huge believer in the Law of Attraction.  One of my favorite tools to attract what I desire is though creating vision boards. Vision boards can and do work for those that do them right. But what does it take to create the ultimate collage of images that evokes the positive changes you want in life? Well, for one thing it takes a positive mind and for another, it takes a certain kind of technique.

When you get it right, a vision board will help you attract anything you desire as a result of the Law of Attraction. An audition, a great agent, that certain kind of resume building role…let’s take a look at how you can make your dreams come true with a vision board that inspires through evoking images.

Before You Begin Cutting and Pasting:

A vision board that is done right should include images that matter to you personally, not some general opinion of what people want for themselves. To get yourself in the right frame of mind for your search, do a little visualizing first. Think about how you your career to look EXACTLY.  Who are you with, what you want to have, where in the world are you and all of the things you want to accomplish. Write anything that really stands out on a notepad, creating a list of what matters to you. Dream big and don’t be doubtful. Realize that everything you want can come to you with the right attitude and serious focus.

Once you have finished your list, it’s time to find out what is missing. There will be pieces of your life that you left out without realizing it. In order to have a complete vision board that really says who you want to be regarding your career, don’t ever forget that acting is a part of your life…not your whole life.  What else you want also takes some serious soul searching. Think about every aspect of your life and be VERY specific.

Be Sure to Include:

  1. Acting career and other business goals
  2. Your idea of wealth and abundance
  3. Who you want in your life
  4. Where you want to live
  5. The things you want to do
  6. Your health and fitness goals
  7. The things you want to have most

When you have finalized your idea of the life of your dreams, it’s time to start looking for the images that match each desire. The images should make you go “awwwwww!” and “oooooooh!” and make you feel something strong emotionally. Don’t include images of things that don’t make you feel completely captivated as they won’t produce the right vibrational energy to attract the life of your dreams. You need images that will really power you up and create a positive energy that you feel in every cell of your body.

There are Two Main Ways to Find the Right Images:

Online – This is the best resource for finding those awe inspiring images that will kick your Law of Attraction journey into high gear. Simply type in the search what you are looking for and select from the entire results for your perfect image. A great way to do this is by using Google images to narrow down the results to pictures alone. It makes the treasure hunt a lot easier than clicking through links. Save all of your images to a folder and then print them out. Make sure you have color ink to get the most visual appeal out of your images.

In Magazines – If you have a wide selection of magazines to choose from and don’t mind cutting them into pieces, this can be a great way to find exactly what you are looking for. It might take a little more time, but it is a lot of fun. Bring out the collection of dusty magazines or ask for the old copies that others are throwing away. For those that have the cash to spare, try investing in a few specific types of magazines based on the images you want. Travel and automotive magazines are always a great place to start.

Add Positive Affirmations to Boost Effectiveness:

When you finish getting all of your images together for everything on your list, it’s time to boost their effectiveness with positive affirmations. For each image you want to include on your vision board, write down something short and to the point. You want it to affirm those things you want are on their way to you. Use the present tense as if they are already becoming part of your life.

Some Examples of Positive Affirmations Include:

  1. I travel to Los Angeles and enjoy a career in film and television
  2. The person of my dreams is coming into my life
  3. I am excited about getting my dream car
  4. I easily attract money like a magnet
  5. I am more physically fit and attractive with each passing day
  6. Every step I take brings me more success in my acting career

Each positive affirmation can be catered to your own personality. Get creative with it and add some humor, spirituality or inspiring quotes. Whatever makes you feel like nothing is stopping you from achieving all of your goals is what you should include. You can print the words out on paper and cut them out or get in touch with your artistic side and do your own bubble letters – whatever works best for you.

The Finishing Touches:

After you have finished cutting everything out, arrange everything so that the most important things are at the focal point, then place everything else around those. This can be done on a piece of poster board, magnetic surface or on a cork board. For a more permanent vision board use the poster board. If you are the kind of person that changes their mind often, use the magnetic surface or cork board. That way you can easily replace things as they are achieved or if you decide you want something else.

Glue, magnetize, or pin each image in place and take a step back to admire your masterpiece. It might not sound like much at this moment, but when you have it all finished and you are looking at it, you’ll know the great power it truly has over your positive energy level. With every look you will automatically recharge that motivation for maximum Law of Attraction magnetism.

How to Get the Most Out of Your New Vision Board:

Your vision board is complete and it looks amazing. However, if you don’t know how to use it you might as well have done it all for nothing. So though this is the very last step to creating a powerfully effective vision board, it is the most important step of all. You’ll need to make it work for you.

Here’s How:

1. Place it somewhere that you will see it daily. Make it a priority to just look at it without distractions for 5 minutes or so throughout the day. Set an alarm or work it into your break time. Just make sure you set aside at least 15 minutes daily.

2. Believe that every single thing on your vision board is a part of your life and that it is all on the way right now.

3. Imagine yourself as if you already have everything you see. Let the details of having what you want fill your mind and really feel what it’s like to live that life. Think about how grateful you feel for each and every one of those things.

4. Carry this feeling of certainty and happiness with you throughout each situation on a daily basis and watch as your reality transforms to match that of your vision board.

It’s amazing, it works and I have experienced this many times myself!  When all of your dreams have come true, be sure to practice gratitude for everything you have. If you feel really ambitious, set new goals with another vision board to lead the way!

Directors and Agent attended February 2012 First Thursdays Networking Party

First Thursdays – A warm spot in a suddenly cold week 2.2.2012


Elana Mudgen, Tracy Costa, and Shirley Faison What a great time we had a February’s First Thursdays!  We had so many newbies show up and each one of them networked with the class and style our industry guests have come to expect.  The room was a buzz with news of the AFTRA/SAG merger and the upcoming Super Bowl (GO GIANTS!!!). I’d like to thank Elana Mugdan for bringing along the FABULOUS Bill Connington and of course Read more

10 Simple Ways to Earn and Save MORE Money

In case you thought I was going to include winning lottery numbers in this post, I’m not! (aaawwwww!)  The answers I have for you all take work, discipline and good old fashioned ACTion!

I love sharing ways to end the “starving artist” conversation.  So if you want more money, take a good look at these 10 simple (not easy) actions that you can take today that will, in the end, make AND keep money in your pocket.

1. Reduce the number of opportunities you pursue. Focus, focus, focus.  What are your goals? The more opportunities you’ve got, the more likely you are to make mistakes with investing your time (time is money, right?)  If you can’t give ONE opportunity the attention it deserves, you’ll lose money in the end.  This is usually the case pursuing unpaid “opportunities”.

2. Increase the percentage of time you spend marketing yourself.  Let go of the “little” stuff that occupies your mind and efforts.  Reduce the time you spend on paperwork, trade some “craft” time for “marketing” time, and give up other busywork you’re seemingly always involved with. Use the extra time to get yourself in front of as many people possible that can hire you via direct mail, email, social media and in-person networking. Read more

First Thursdays – Kick Off to the New Year! 1.5.2012

I can’t believe it!  You partied without me and it inspires me to know that the turnover of this event to Tracy Costa was FLAWLESS!   Fabulous industry guests attended and grace us with the present of their presence this new year.  Nadette Stasa, CD with Background/Foreground generously gave every actor in the room the opportunity to qualify to take her 3 week on-camera commercial class for F*R*E*E.  And as a special bonus treat for all, actor Richard Kline, probably most famous for playing gold chain wearing, chest hair baring, neighbor Larry to Jack, Chrissy and Janet on the 70’s hit Three’s Company stole the show, ahem, party!  Way to go Tracy, way to go!  I can’t wait to come back for a visit in February for the Oscars!  Can’t wait and miss you all, Lisa.  CLICK HERE to see all the pics from our Holiday party!

Box Office Friday – Larry Crowne

Today’s movie, Larry Crowne, is one of my favorite KINDS of movies.  Romantic comedy, known in the industry as RomCom, is a favorite escape.  Humor, romance, some kind of silly conflict to over come, popcorn and familiar faces as I sit in a dark theater with a big screen.  (I’m not a movie-at-home/Netflix kind of gal!)

What I think I like most about this one is that it is also directed by Tom Hanks.  Now there’s an actor to admire not only because of his acting but for how he lives his life.  He’s managed to have a life and career untouched by controversy, drug or alcohol abuse, has a loving marriage…heck, he’s a GREAT guy and creates an atmosphere on his set of fun, play and ease.  He hasn’t written a tell all, produced any illegitimate children, screwed over any partners or done anything that anyone could call him a bad guy for.  I’ve seen interviews about the atmosphere he created on this movie…playful, easy, and no “struggle” allowed.  He’s loved by cast and crew alike and that translates to what we viewers see on the screen.

And that’s the point – a career filled with joy and pleasure, goodness and abundance, starts with a life that is full of the same.  Many actors seem to think that a successful career is what will have them have a happy and successful life.  I think it’s the other way around.  If  you enjoy what you’re doing in life, then that IS success.  Stop struggling (it’s optional!) and start enjoying the process.

Lighten up, have fun, and like Larry Crowne, make the best out of what some could consider a set back.  Life is what you make it and so is your career!  I’d love to hear how you are ENJOYING the process of pursuing your acting career!  Tips or hints to help other readers take the struggle away would be very much appreciated!  Lisa Gold

Box Office Friday – When Art Imitates Life

I began Box Office Fridays earlier this year, intending to update this blog EVERY Friday with wit and wisdom surrounding a subject that would be screening at theater near you.  If you look back, you’ll see my “habit” hasn’t fully developed yet, so please bear with me by reading and keeping me accountable!

In any case I’m not sure if Bad Teacher, starring Cameron Diaz as a foul-mouthed, inappropriate, drinking, ruthless teacher who can’t wait to give up her bogus day job to marry rich, is quite my cup of tea.  I mean I LOVE Cameron, and director Jake Kasdan, son of Oscar winner Lawrence Kasdan, is amazing in his own right.  But do I really want to see a “humorous” portrayal of what is indeed a real problem in some of our schools?

I must admit I’m not totally up on the whole “get rid of tenure” or fire all the “bad teachers” in the system…because lets face it, GOOD and BAD are interpretations.  Just like some folks will think this movie is good and some will think it’s bad, it’s all a point of view. Read more

Post Card Set-Up – What you NEED to know that the USPS won’t tell you!

When I’m asked what I recommend actors use as their best and most effective marketing follow up tool, the postcard is the simple answer. And yet still the majority of actors don’t use them! Why? Did you HEAR they’re not effective, read, or looked at with any real “notice” given? Sure, anything anyone says that takes the WORK out of what you have to do will be easier than doing it, so HEAR this now:

YOU MUST POSTCARD, often, all of your contacts, to create on-going relationships. How often? Read more

Ashton vs. Charlie


I’m really excited about Ashton Kutcher taking over the reigns at Two and a Half Men. Why? It’s not because I’m a huge fan, it’s because I’m a huge fan of the show itself and wanted it to continue more than anything. I would have actually boycotted it had CBS and the execs rewarded Charlie’s bad boy behavior and brought him back with his “requested” raise to the show.

There are too many deserving actors out there, you included, who are to be rewarded for their efforts and good behavior AND for what they contribute in the way of entertainment and pleasure in this crazy world. Ashton Kutcher is one of the good guys who has never been in the news for anything other than his fabulousness and the love of a good (slightly older, yippee!) woman!  Lisa Gold

Box Office Friday


The MechanicOK folks, this isn’t the biggest weekend for movies, but hey, The Mechanic is finally here!  I’ve been hearing about this movie and it’s stars for the past few months but wasn’t really EAGERLY awaiting it’s release.  Why not?  I’ll explain.

Its got amazing star power (Jason Statham, Donald Sutherland, Tony Goldwyn), a neat plot line (an elite assassin with a strict code and unique talent for cleanly eliminating targets with detachment gets personal when his close friend is murdered) and has had some wonderful marketing and now is opening with wide distribution.  So how come I’m not going to see it? Read more

5 Minute Overview Answering Many Questions

Hi all you fabulous ACT-ion oriented actors. Take a peek at this wonderful interview I did several years ago with on the Business of Show.  It stands the test of time and I look exactly the same today, LOL. Though the events mentioned at the end of the interview are no longer running, so many new things have been created since the interview first premiered and even more amazing things are ahead.

Actors have all kinds of questions and several of them are answered in this quick 5 minute overview of what the industry is REALLY looking for when seeking talent for their projects.

Get the insider scoop and return to this blog often for many tips, hints, beneficial info and how to further your BUSINESS as an actor.

If you have questions, particularly about getting an agent or manager, I’d love to have you put them in the comments below.  I’ll do my best to answer as I’m always wondering if I’m covering the bases of what you want to learn most.  Thanks!