New Shows for the 2012 Fall TV Season


AOTB ShowBiz Insider News Week of July 9th, 2012 / Issue #1

New Shows for the 2012 Fall TV Season

Every year around this time, once the Fall TV Season is announced at Upfronts, actors wait with baited breath to see which of them will be produced where. The majority, of course, will ultimately be shot in LA, with NY second, and a handful in other locations.

If your focus is television, where you live has something to do with the amount of work available to you but with technology and casting directors use of new video streaming in their auditions, as long as you are marketing yourself smartly and efficiently, you can be “seen” for shows shot almost anywhere.

Knowing the trends of the different networks is important too. For example, CBS has always been “branded” as the network for an older demographic with the kinds of shows that appeal to Baby Boomers…thus follows the commercial advertisers who want that particular audience to see an array of products that appeal to that sector. You don’t see a lot of investment type companies (i.e. TD Ameritrade or Charles Schwab) offering securities on the CW now do you?

Your job as an actor…yes as AN ACTOR, is to really get the gist of where you fit in to the larger picture. Gone are the days when you could just go to auditions without this marketing knowledge and get the part. We now have too many channels, not to mention the internet and who knows WHAT to come, competing for a viewer’s attention. And where eyes go, money follows!

Remember, it’s called Show BUSINESS for a reason. The current fall TV line up has been announced so do some homework and find out what’s being shot in your city, then market, mail and make money honey! I assert THAT is why you’re an actor, otherwise it’s just an expensive hobby!

To Your Success, Lisa Gold

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