Are You Really Hearing Clearly? Communicating with Your Rep.

My agent just doesn’t “get me” is a phrase I’ve heard a lot as a consultant and now since being in the shoes of representation I can honestly tell you why.  Ready? Your agent most likely doesn’t speak your language.

Though some representatives come from an acting background the majority have not, and chances are your agent isn’t in a weekly acting class. (By the way, you are, right?) No, she spends her evenings on the computer till midnight, because the breakdowns come out at all hours.  And I do mean ALL!

While many agents have great instincts about actors, they may not speak a language that suggests that they understand your artistic process. So, don’t expect them to. When they offer a note about your performance that may seem insensitive, don’t take it personally. Transform it into something that helps you grow and expand as an artist. And if it’s not helpful, just chalk it up to “their opinion”.

Again, and I’ll keep saying it over and over, agents are spending 10 or more hours a day on their computers, on the phone, sending email messages and making submission notes, all in service of getting you IN THE ROOM. When you call to talk to them in the middle of all that, don’t expect them to be super sensitive to the creative and delicate artist that you are.

I think folks loved having me work with them when I was at the agency because I was an actor/singer for 35 years (still am!) and could relate on that level and did take the time to consider their feelings.  But I do that as a general rule all day every day with everyone I meet!  Except the guy that cuts me off on the 405 at rush hour…I’m only human!

That was the saddest part of my leaving…a loss of that relationship for both of us.  However my clarity around what makes me happy on an on-going basis and the courage to choose my happiness above all else is what ultimately brought me back to what serves a much larger audience these days.  And I’m grateful to you for being a part of this community and reading this right now.  Thanks for letting me be me!

To Your Success, Lisa

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  1. Bill Rapp
    Bill Rapp says:

    Whom else might you want to be – other than possibly DEREK JETER …. sorry, that’s me!
    It’s always fascinating & enlightening seeing thru the eyes of another. Thanks
    Bill Rapp

  2. Meredith
    Meredith says:

    Thank you for these blogs. While my agent might not completely understand my world, I can tell you for certain that I don’t understand her world at all. Please tell us more about your new position and how we actors can be more sensitive to our agents and help them help us!
    Thank you!

    • Lisa Gold
      Lisa Gold says:

      Thanks Meredith, it will be MY PLEASURE to share as much information on the process of working with an agent and agency. Just to clarify, what once was new is now old. I’m no longer working as a representative. But boy did I learn a lot! Stay tuned.

  3. Nicole Whitfield
    Nicole Whitfield says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for sharing your insight about an Agent.

    Good luck to you and your future endeavors.



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