Attract Agents by Knowing Casting Directors

You know the old saying “It’s who you know” that will help you get ahead in this biz.  Well that’s half true.

My take on it is “it’s who knows you”.

For every agent meeting you take, you’ll be asked “how many casting directors know your work?”  Before you interview, my recommendation is that you have at least a list of 5 or don’t go! And when you have a rep, your talent agent and/or manager will want you to continue to grow your list on your own in addition to the auditions they send you on.

So how do you create a network of influential people that know you, like your acting work and are in your court?

Here are 5 ways to do just that:

  1. Mail or email your headshot, resume and online profile links to the 10 top casting directors in your area of focus every quarter, without fail, letting them know that you’re available and what else is going on in your career i.e. a new class, skill acquired, call back or booking.
  2. Identify which CD’s you’d like to show your talent to in person and book a meeting with them at a casting director workshop establishment like Actors Connection in New York or Act Now in Los Angeles. If you’re not in either of those two cities, check for local opportunities to meet industry in person or submit a reel for critique on, or similar sites.
  3. Attend a networking party, brunch, assistant’s night, screening or other event where casting directors and other industry professionals will be in attendance. Introduce yourself as an actor and be interested in them and what they do before you offer a headshot, resume or business card.
  4. Volunteer at or attend a charity event frequented by the entertainment community. Animal rescue and health awareness causes always draw actors, agents and casting directors alike.  Do your research on your top picks to see what they stand for and if you get behind the same cause, you have commonality.
  5. Follow or friend them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media. Today casting directors use the web to offer advice, post auditions and offer feedback on many things hoping to help the actors they will meet someday in an audition room.

It’s time you understood that with a HUGE network of people that have you on their radar, the chances of having the breakthrough, kick-butt, acting career of your dreams are dramatically increased.  There are many people in the showbiz world who are ready and waiting for you to get connected and stay connected.  You never know which one of them will be key in your forward movement.

What are your favorite ways to make contact with casting directors, agents and other industry?  If you have resources to share, please post away in the comments section below with your location and why you recommend what you recommend.  Thanks!

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    • Lisa Gold
      Lisa Gold says:

      Great Logan. Even though you have a great agent already repping you, you still have some marketing and networking that you can do that will help the team! Go, go, go!

  1. Logan Hunt
    Logan Hunt says:

    Hey Lisa!

    I recently read your article on how to attract agents using CDs as bait; I loved it. My next step is really trying to expand my network and connect with CDs. I especially loved the tip about volunteering at charities. To be honest, I was thinking about doing volunteer work before I even read your article, and since reading it I thought, “that’s a good point, why not volunteer at places where contacts and connections can be made?” That’s awesome!

    I wanted to ask you if you know of any charities off the top of your head that would be where the industry are themselves more likely to be at?

    Thanks for your time! Your articles are great.

    • Lisa Gold
      Lisa Gold says:

      Hey Logan, thanks for asking! While there’s no “one size fits all” charity to recommend, I find that a lot of creatives in this business have a special bond with animals. There are many agents and cds I personally know who are huge animal lovers and spend money, time and energy volunteering or donating money and even lend out their own particular talents to the cause. In fact, this past weekend I came home with 4 kittens only 3 weeks old and am fostering them, bottle feeding every 4 hours. My personal favorite is Best Friends Animal Society which is a national organization dedicated to creating “no kill” shelters in communities and doing really well in LA currently. Almost there!

      If you have a defined target list of particular people you’d like to meet, do your research on them personally on Google or on social media. Many people have had relatives affected by disease and support those types of charities too. Don’t do this charitable work to simply meet them, but make sure it’s also a cause you can personally get behind yourself. You’re always looking for “alignment” in meeting every person in your career and life!

      Hope that helps and keep me up to date on how it all works out…no matter what, you’ll be making a difference with someone, somewhere…that’s GREAT!


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