Do You Have Worthy Goals?

In my last post I talked about 20 signs you’re already successful.  Most people think success is the creating, going after, and obtaining of goals.  As I write this we’re about to end one year and being another, a time when many are busy making plans, goals and resolutions for a future brighter than before.  However, no matter when you are reading this, goal setting and creating the path to your desire is something that can be accomplished any and every day.  Let’s take a closer look…

Being successful is a creative process and you’re engaged in it already.  It’s something we live, not an end state we arrive at.  The choices we make either align with or block the path to success.  This starts with choosing worthy goals.

Desire – seeds planted that lead to your divine passion and purpose.  Signs, dreams, feelings, visualizations and images.

Destiny – the experience of the growth of that desire.
If you set a goal that takes months or years to excel at (like being the best actor you can be craft-wise, or being represented by CAA) and this is a time span you can embrace because you love what you’re doing, your vision of this goal will make it easier to respond to setbacks that are normal on the path and you aren’t dismayed by external factors because your goal comes from within.

There’s a good chance you’re going to make a New Year’s resolution this year, and there’s also a pretty good chance you’re going to break it.

Why? It’s no secret that setting goals for yourself is hard, especially when many of the goals you have may be out of your control.  (like being represented by CAA!) But the things that ARE in your hands that are accomplish-able are still a challenge and the hard truth is that many people who make goals never achieve them.  So I recommend a shift in what you call a goal.

Here’s a short list of worthy goals.  They are all a progressive realization and while some I’m listing may feel a fit for you, some may not.  By the way, your goals can and will evolve…a major goal that will sustain you for a lifetime is to be self-aware.  I’m always, always, always working on this one and for me in this business of show, it is to be of service.  Your worthy goal can be a word or a phrase.

Love and compassion for all
Promoting Peace
Teaching others
Pursuing creative expression
Protecting the weak
Promoting culture
Exploration and discovery
Being of service
Protecting the environment

Choose a goal without worrying that it must be permanent.  Sit quietly and center yourself. Breathe deep and exhale, another deep breath, exhale, now a third breath, exhale.   Think about the goal you want to achieve…ask yourself “am I already living my goal at least part of the time?”  Is this pursuit enjoyable and energizing?  Does it come naturally and make me feel more like the person I want to be.  When you can say yes, then you’re making your success a living reality and thrive today as well as tomorrow.

I wish for you a bright future year, month, week and day ahead, full of purpose, passion and the pursuit of worthy goals!  Please feel free to share one or more of them in the comments section below.

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but within ourselves.” – Shakespeare

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