First Thursdays – Cartoon Impressions, Silly Poses, and Lots of Fun! 5.3.2012

Wow! Our May First Thursdays Networking Party was packed!  This month we had some new contests for our ACTors.  Brave folks won kudos (and free drinks) by impersonating Family Guy, knew a whole bunch about vocal training trivia, and gave us their very best glamor pose (and who knew that Tom Grail could be so sexy?).  Our industry guests were as fabulous as always. Caliph Scott, Director of The Murder Mystery Company and Kristina Harris Petersen, Producer of Kristina Harris Productions, found some wonderful actors to work with.  And a big heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to the Producer/CEO of Beyond Comics Inc., Graig Weich who battled through five hours of traffic to be with us and got there as we were closing up.  We all should get him a drink next month!  We’ve got all the pictures up on Facebook!  Check them out and tag yourself if you were there!

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