Think & Grow Rich Acting

Based on the Teachings of Napoleon Hill

Control your thoughts – control your career – control your bank account.  Simple!

One of the biggest obstacles an actor faces is the mental challenge of constant rejections, a belief system that was in place that you “bought” in to and being surrounded by nay-sayers and non-do-ers.

You know who I’m talking about (you’re related to some of them!)  It can be difficult to stay positive, motivated and yes, THINK and GROW RICH.  Let me show you the easy way…

I’ve said it a million times — this is a 6 inch career and that space between your ears is what determines whether you get up and go to that audition or not, whether you send out your marketing materials or not, whether you make a great living at your chosen profession…or not.

It Sounds Freakin’ Complicated

Everything is energy.  If you put forth the right thoughts, they lead directly to the way you feel about any given circumstance.  This naturally leads to your actions, which of course is in direct correlation to your results.  Want better/different results?  Start with better/different thinking.

Using the principles created by thought leader Napoleon Hill  around the turn of the century (not this one, the last one!…hummmm The Secret anyone?) we’ll explore what seems like “magic” to the uninitiated, but rightly expected from those familiar with his work.

I’m inviting you to expect what you want, and get it.

This Is Perfect For You If . . .

You believe, even a little bit, that you have a hand in your own destiny and sometimes what we call a miracle event (i.e. in our biz, a big break) can be created.

You think to yourself  “I’m totally talented, a great (fill in the blank) type, dedicated and want this career sooooo much”, but also think “I still get stuck and could use some practices to pull me through the tough times”

You already know that your thoughts and beliefs have a big hand in what makes up your life and now you want to steer them toward predictable and financially rewarding outcomes, i.e. “making bank”

You want to understand why certain people in the industry make success, financial and otherwise, look easy and if you knew what they knew, that would be you too. (Because for a lot of them, it sure isn’t their talent – ahem Kardashian)

A Few of The Cool Things You’ll Learn

  • There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge
  • Using proven techniques implemented by top professionals in their fields for over 100 years, you’ll create your own action guide to success
  • Learn about working and thinking in the proper “direction”, which creates the path to EXACTLY what you say you want
  • How to use your sixth sense (as well as heightened awareness of the other 5) to tap into your subconscious and drive you toward the prosperity you deserve
  • Three simple procedures that make you the master of “self-suggestion”.  Follow those directions and you can master your career destiny!

Sounds Like This is Worth a Fortune – but I Haven’t Made One Yet so How Much?

What’s it worth to you to gain speed, lose dead weight, and stop that dis-empowering little voice in your head from running the show?

I’d love to charge what I think this program is really worth because I ALREADY think abundantly.  Honestly, if you did too, I’m sure you’d be willing to pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars – if it were guaranteed to pay off.  But I can’t guarantee that because its YOU that will be the deciding factor and APPLY what you learn…or not.

Napoleon Hill himself worked for Andrew Carnegie making a 20 year investment of time and energy so that he could observe, interview and discover the secrets that successful entrepreneurs knew, then put it all into his amazing book.  What’s that worth?

Since most actors don’t want to spend money on things that don’t directly relate to getting cast in something (and I say HUH? to that, ’cause an investment in your education will outlast that crap shoot any day of the week) I’m keeping this course at a price well below the value provided.  Why?  Because I want you to participate and begin the path of living your dreams NOW and I want to make a HUGE contribution (the one I know I can) to your career and life.

How does $30 grab you?  I want you to start thinking right NOW that $30 is a drop in the bucket compared to what you’ll make after taking the seminar – it ALL starts with how you think!

GET IT NOW and learn from home!  This course is available on audio/video!

$29.95 Video Download

$14.95 Audio Download


“I read the book “Think and Grow Rich” years ago and many times.  You have helped to physically and specifically take the material and directly related it to my big dream of being a working, wildly successful, happy and fulfilled actor.  I enjoyed your enthusiasm, meeting lots of energetic and enthusiastic members of the seminar (network, network, network) and WILL follow your guidance.”
– Linda Andresano

“Oh Lisa, I am definitely warming up!  This business takes time and practice and I feel this is the tip of the “warmberg”…meaning THIS seminar for me is taking a big step in the right direction.  When I met you a year ago I was taking baby steps and now I feel as though I’m making strides.  Seriously, it’s been scary and I’ve been muddling through so much STUFF, but with this seminar I’m changed.  Thank you!” – Ellen Martin

“I found this seminar extremely inspirational and I think this three hours has really moved me forward in my career!”  – Ron Bopst

“My mind can sometimes be a scary place that limits me to reach my potential as an actor AND a human being.  I really enjoyed this seminar and got a LOT out of it.  Thank you for all of the valuable information and for helping me turn my thinking around so I to can think and grow rich.” – Javier J. Rivera

“I am familiar with many of the concepts you taught tonight but the way you presented them finally resonated at a deep level.  Thank you for taking me outside of my immature sleepwalking and putting me in the path of realistically achieving all that is possible.” – Tom Schubert

“Lisa’s enthusiasm for the business and for helping actors is infectious.  She is able to pull you into a way of thinking that WORKS!  This seminar gives you concrete tasks that you can walk away with and do on your own to cause a positive shift in your acting business/career.”  – Joan Preston

“I appreciated knowing right from the start that success and happiness are within me; that consciousness is freedom to choose supportive thoughts over unsupportive thoughts.  I can have what I want if I think I deserve it and take action.  Action and structure is a commitment to myself to manifest my dreams.” – Mark Guerette

“Great energy and clarity in sharing universal truths that we can use as tools to change our thinking.  This needs to be a 3-day workshop so people can really delve deeper!  Loved the games as they were highly educational and fun.” – Jeane Reveendran

“Although my career as a professional voice actor has been moving forward at a good pace it’s not been as quickly as I initially envisioned.  Tonight’s seminar has re-energized and re-focused me to do even more than I have been in areas that I have not spent enough time on.  Thank you Lisa.” – Bill Rapp

“As you know energy creates energy.  Most of the time I am able to choose the energy that I surround myself with, which is positive.  Well I’ve done it again.  You have an amazing positive energy and combined with your knowledge of the industry and of what we as actors want, there is no way that people (me) will not get the message.” – Michael Love

“This seminar was great!  Puts you on the right path to creating and maintaining a positive mind set through a plan of action.  You get to be the architect of your future.” – Edwin Guerrero