A Personal Note to Women who ACT

Today I am writing you a very personal note because I have a lot of appreciation for all you do as a woman in the acting business. I don’t know the many roles you have played on stage, film or TV, but I know that being a woman in life carries many roles in itself when you are also a spouse, a mom, a daughter, a friend, etc. It’s sometimes exhausting.

Did you see the news report that came out today about women being smarter than men and scoring higher on IQ tests?  It seems to be because of all the “roles” we play, the things we juggle, and the people we take care of, including ourselves.

I want to share with you that I’ve been struggling for a few months now with the Superwoman Syndrome.

I didn’t realize that although I had done years of personal development work in my life, there were still limiting beliefs I held in place that kept showing up that told me that “to be successful means hard work”, “you have to just keep pushing through and don’t show any weakness”, “this is what you have to do for your family, your actor community, and all the others who depend on you”, “you have to be an example for everyone”…and on and on.

When my niece looked at me this past weekend in Las Vegas with an odd expression (we were there for her 4 day volleyball clinic at UNLV) she noticed how utterly exhausted I was and said, “Auntie Lisa, we don’t need all of the stuff you give me and mom, we just want to be with YOU and we want you to be happy.” I love that kid and I heard it loud and clear.  She really got me thinking about that. Why did I feel like I had to do everything perfectly?…why did I put so much pressure on myself to perform? Who says it has to be this way?  Why do I make up these deadlines I create that have me missing some of the most precious moments in life?  Are they really out there WAITING to hear from Lisa Gold?

The answers came through the questions that I asked, and the questions that my mentors asked.  It’s ALL made up!  And I can accomplish everything I say I want to with grace and ease…

But I have some work to do myself and I can’t teach what I haven’t learned.  Sometimes it’s not easy but I do realize it serves me in so many ways to play in this “gap” and become more and more aware of each moment of my precious and fabulous life.

I felt the need to plant a seed and share this with women in particular (hey, I know you GUYS have your moments too, but I’m not a guy!)…and share the pathway that I travel to start living my life on MY TERMS and with so much joy in my heart.  To live my purpose is always my goal.

I have a vision for the “New Superwoman”, the woman who embraces life on her own terms, redefining what is important and doing what nurtures her, tapping into her own femininity, inner passions and designing a life that fulfills that. It includes having peace of mind, a playful heart and a prosperous experience.  Always.

I invite you on the journey.

I’d love to hear from women just like you on how you overcome self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, and tap into your feminine energy to create a balance of peace, playfulness and prosperity in you life, and your show BUSINESS, while juggling all that YOU do.

Please take the time to comment so that other gals out there who read them can draw on your experiences.  You can’t teach what you haven’t learned.  Time to share with our wonderful community!

I look forward to reading what you have to say and wish you all peace, passion and purpose!  Love, Lisa