Money, Marketing & Mailings

Take the ICK Factor Out of These All-Important Must Dos

Got money?  Know how to market yourself?  Love to do mailings?

Ick, ick, ick.  These are all icky subjects for most actors, but MUSTS for your business if you honestly have any chance out there.

Well I’m going to say something bold.  Wait for it….

I LOVE mailings and I LOVE marketing and you know why?  Because, darn-it, I also LOVE money.

If you’re great at marketing, you’ll make money.  If you suck at it, you’ll be poor.  Period.  Game over.  Career too.

Here’s the rub.

If you stick with the ick, chances are you’re one of those folks still waiting to be plucked from obscurity and discovered for your talent.  But if you’re not investing money, and marketing yourself via consistent mailings, they’ll never get to see your talent.

So what good is having it? (I mean your talent, not money.  Having money is always good!)

That’s why I created Money, Marketing and Mailings.

Is This Seminar For You?

If you’re someone who understands that ultimately the goal of ANY business is to earn an income but just haven’t mastered this “art” yet, then its for you.

Stuck in the constant cycle of feast or famine getting acting work and then re-investing your money while you climb the ladder of success? And still broke? Yes? This is just the ticket.

You’re in to sharing the good news when something great happens in your career and don’t mind taking the time and effort to do so, but want to learn which steps are the fastest and most effective.  Check, its for you.

You know you’ll be a huge success if you could just get someone to pay enough attention to you and cut you a break.  But who and how, you ask?  Yup, this seminar is for you.

You’re pro-active and in to making things happen. Yes, this is definitely the seminar for you.

A Few of the Awesome Things You’re Gonna Learn

    • A PROVEN money management system (not a budget) that makes it easier to pay for your essentials AND finance your career business needs
    • Create the perfect database that will easily organize your industry contacts and quality info you’ve collected with simplicity and ease
    • Learn EXACTLY who, when, and how often to contact the folks in your database so that you are using, and not abusing, your new and old relationships
    • Distinguish your hot list, warm prospects, and how best to market to the cold ones (folks that don’t know you, your name, or what you do…the hardest!)
    • Keep track of your results without feeling overwhelmed – measure and monitor it all for the very best outcome – more auditions and more jobs

    The Good News is That its Not Expensive

    Really?  Yes.

    Imagine hiring a financial planner/adviser to teach you an amazing money system.  Add the expert that can teach you industry standard guidelines for timed, targeted mailings.  Then include an experienced marketer whose own database is worth “gold” and shares all the secrets with you.

    Gosh, what would all of that cost?


    But for you, under $3o.  Yes, it seems far too little for what you’re getting, but since I’m dedicated to ending this starving artist crap, I’ll begin by making it super easy for you to participate…with a LOW price.

    GET IT NOW and learn from home!  This course is available on audio/video!

    $29.95 Video Download

    $14.95 Audio Download


    “Essential information that every actor MUST know. Chris presents it in a very conversational manner that is easy to understand and makes you feel and know it’s something that will work, if you work it.” ~ John Isgro

    “Chris is perfect. Approachable, patient, answers everyone’s questions and, as I said about the companion seminar, Research, Resources and Relationships, its invaluable to hear from someone who is actually doing this, having it work and has so much experience.  Thanks.”  ~ Kobie Bowles

    “Exactly what I needed to know.  As I am looking at my career this time around (I’m returning after an absence) from a different perspective, I now consider it a business, ‘The Business of Show’. I’m hungry for all information for “me”, my product.  Chris was personable and so informative.  The 2 1/2 hours flew by.  Thank you.”  ~ Elaine Marlowe

    “This Money, Marketing and Mailings class was OUTSTANDING!  I learned so much great information. Chris Lucas is a great teacher and very inspiring.  Thank you Chris and Lisa.  ~ Alfonzo Hollis

    “Thank you so much Chris. You are an inspiring and encouraging presenter.  I really appreciated your positive ‘can do’ approach.  I learned a lot from this seminar and am ready to start putting it into practice.” ~ Sharon Matteson