Make Money Acting Workshop

Defining Your Product – Who’s Buyin’ What You’re Sellin’?

Ooooooh, don’t like that word “sell”?  Actually neither do I.  So why use it?

Because in order to become a high profile, well-known and sought after actor, you first have to start with realizing that you ARE a product in a very crowded market place.  People buy products and services.  Casting directors, agents and other industry professionals are people too (despite what you may have heard).

“Whhaaaat?  I’m not a product, I’m an artist!”, you say.  And hey, you’re right.  But your artistry (acting) is the product that’s bought and sold every day in this business of show.

Get it?  It’s a simple, but not very easy, mental shift to make that will make a huge difference.

And I’m here to help.

So What Are You Sellin’?

Want some great news?  You get to CHOOSE it.  It’s a “brand”, and by the way you’re not stuck with it and it will change over time.  But where to start?

First you gotta consider getting off the fence and actually making a choice.  That in and of itself will be the hardest part, trust me.

This Is Perfect For You If . . .

You’re ready to exponentially increase your audition, call back and booking rates.

You need-want-desire-gotta stop submitting for and running around to every audition, right for it or not…just in case.

Simple is your favorite word and you’re willing to work at this stuff, but work smart, not hard.

You want someone to show you a few powerful steps to start kickin’ butt and takin’ names and have THEM know YOUR name too.

Here’s a Few of the Many Amazingly Cool Things You’ll Learn

Through some fun, yet practical hands on exercises,  your “already” essence and character type will begin to reveal itself as you:

    • Practice developing and defining from there what “brand” you’ll choose, using the writer’s archetypes that all roles are created from
    • Start to discover “who” buys you, “where” best to market your “product”, and what they can count on you to deliver EVERY time
    • Learn the 7 essential practices that ALL “regular” marketers know to get the best results with the least effort
    • Find out how to describe yourself and whatcha got in writing, in person and most critically your online profiles that speak to your potential key co-operators and hirers (i.e. casting directors, agents, writers, directors and producers)
    • Shift to and adopt a winning attitude that tons of successful salespeople have without becoming “salesman” like (yup, there’s that word again)
    • Find out how you are perceived from a point of view other than your own.  Wow, that’s HUGE

But Where Does Talent Fit In?

    Everywhere, of course, but later in the process.
    What you’ll discover is that getting in the door is 80% of the battle.  Whew, and once you’re in, then its your role to win with that stellar talent of yours.
    And since great talent is an expectation to start with, most actors will never know what you’ll learn in this workshop.  You’ll have the advantage. Cool or cool?

So How Much is This Awesome Workshop Gonna Cost?

    I get the question and I respect the fact you have to ask it.  My price is low to reflect most actor’s personal economy.
    Abundant thinking isn’t every actor’s forte, even with the most positive person, and you’ve got to watch where you invest.  So I ask how much you think this workshop is worth?  Go ahead, think of a number, then prepare to be amazed.
    Large companies pay tens of thousands of dollars for focus groups and do tons of research and development for weeks, months and even years before even considering putting their products on the market.  Branding is big business!
    Other show business “consultants” charge several hundred to several thousands of dollars to help you with this very problem of figuring out how to best market yourself.   If you do your own research you’ll see exactly how much…
    I don’t expect you to break your bank and don’t think you should have to in order to get what you need.  What it will cost you is a day of your time and – wait for it… $249 bucks.
    Yes, you read it right.  LOW compared to other “niche” courses coming at you from other “self-proclaimed” experts.  My background is extensive with every side of the biz perspectives…Representative, Casting Director, Actor, Marketer, Industry Workshop Owner, Career Consultant and more.
    My low price keeps more actors from spending tons more in the long run and since I’m dedicated to ending this starving artist rap, I’m hoping you’ll take the workshop, do amazing things with the info, and then share what you learned with a fellow actor friend.  True.

Attend Live for Only $249!  COMING SOON TO ZOOM – Get on the LIST to be notified.

LA – Friday, March 6th, 2020
10am to 5pm (1 hour lunch break)
Location: Reproductions
3499 Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90068

CANCELLED due to Covid 19

Can’t make the date or out of town? GET IT NOW and learn from home!  This course is available on audio/video!

$79.95 Video Download

$44.95 Audio Download

“What a God-send this workshop was! I finally feel I know who I am as an actor and what my product is. The group I worked with was so honest, insightful and intelligent. Thanks so much for making this a great day.” ~ Myra Cubero

“Thank you Lisa!! You really shed a lot of light on branding and I feel that I’ve got a great place to begin with defining my product AND now I have something to talk about with a casting director. You are awesome!” ~ George Trahanis

“I really appreciated how positive, informative and to-the-point this Defining Your Product workshop was. This is a facet of my career, the business part, that I have largely left untended to. The feedback and additional exercises have given me a much more positive outlook and I’m actually looking forward to doing what always felt like homework in the past. I will definitely be at future workshops and anticipate making great progress” ~ Fred Rueck

“It was great to get feedback from the other actors as to what my essence and type is in such a supportive environment. It helped solidify what I thought I knew and brought more confidence for my upcoming shoot for headshots. I’m definitely excited about my new marketing materials and you helped me feel like I’m in charge of a part of this crazy career that feels so out of control some times.” ~ Kerry McGann

“FABULOUS! AMAZING information, perspective, an invaluable resource. Contagious! It should be a 2-day workshop!!!” ~ Rachael Pearce

“A very worthwhile workshop – it kicked me in the butt to get organized and think about what casting directors and agents are thinking about. I believe this is going to really jump start my New York career.” ~ Jaris Hanson

“Thank you Lisa, this was well worth the time and money. College did not prepare me for how to continue after I graduated. I feel much more on track starting out and I realize that I am just beginning in this business. Thank goodness for you and these programs. Thank you sooooo much!” ~ Honoree Gibney