Lisa Recommends

I Recommend the following products and services based on my personal knowledge, experience and relationships with these great people and businesses. Check them out!

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Casting, Industry & Networking

Photography & Video

Specialty Services

Image Consultants

Dinah Day

Dina Rudman

Other Services

Stephen Reich – Attorney
[email protected]

Joel Zaslow – Accountant
[email protected]

Coaches & Teachers

Acting Coaches

Tom Grail

Marisa Redanty
[email protected]

Roz Coleman

Brette Goldstein

Glenn Alterman

Vocal Coaches

David Brunetti

Bryan Wayde
[email protected]

Michael Lavine
[email protected]

Alexander Rovang

Brad Ross
[email protected]

Dialect/Accent Reduction

Lee Kelley
[email protected]

Fern Hanover

Jean-Marc Berne

Business Coaches

Lisa Gold
(Couldn’t Resist! -The BEST)

Brian O’Neil

Leslie Becker