How To Get and Keep an Agent

Get the Answer to This Age Old Question – How to Get and Keep an Agent?

As an actress myself, I know just how very exciting it is to get and keep an agent.  And I want to share with you exactly how you can do the same.

Have you taken acting classes, studied your craft, and are ready to rock and entertain the world?  Do you believe in yourself and that what you offer has great VALUE? Have your acting teachers and other folks all told you that you have “star” quality and now all you need to do is just get a great agent?

Sounds simple right?  Yet I know inside your mind that little voice is saying “it’s HARD!  There are too many actors and not enough agents!”  That’s true, but all you need is a bit of knowledge in how it all works…

Well it can be simple and actually easy too…when you know how. Check out this 3 minute excerpt from the video and start to get the picture I’m painting here. I can help you get that agent…

Now it’s time for YOU to learn what others already do about How to Get and Keep an Agent!  Find out EXACTLY what an agent is evaluating when considering you for representation. If you think it’s strictly talent, think again!

Start to understand the marketplace, the money, where your talent fits in, and how to “promote” what you uniquely have to offer. You’ll also discover how “branding” yourself is imperative so that you create a great first impression with both your headshot and resume as well as in person at an interview.

I’m an actress and singer with over 35 years of professional working experience, the founder and president of Act Outside the Box and a partner at Actors Connection for over 14 years, watching and listening to hundreds and hundreds of casting directors and agents! I paid the “mistake” tax during my own career and have created the course that finally illuminates a process for you so that you don’t have to!

Get all of your most pressing questions answered in this
80 minute video or audio download and begin the simple steps
to gaining the representation of your dreams!

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Here’s what some folks have had to say about the How to Get and Keep an Agent course –

“Necessary for EVERY actor! Lisa’s approach not only saves you time and money but will help you develop a solid foundation from which to develop your career.” – Kevin Gruber

“At first the plethora of information that Lisa gives seems overwhelming but then I realized by the end of the program it was just the opposite…for probably the first time, I HAVE A PLAN!!!” – Marisa Costa

“Lisa, I just wanted to thank you and give you the news that I now am freelancing with two agents from your wonderful “recommended agent” list, DDO and AboutFace! Your How to Get and Keep an Agent seminar and this list was just what got me going, I must say.” – Billy Holly