Accountability Partnership Program * * *

(there’s an AAP for that!)

in my Career and Life!

A Structure of Support to Turn your Dreams into Attainable Goals…

So You Can Generate More Happiness, Success and Money in Less Time…
with Grace and Ease!

NOW is the time to take the kind of ACTION needed to accomplish your Passion, Vision and Goals for your creative business money making career.

Participation in the Accountability Partnership Program will get you and keep you motivated to do just that. We personally assist you, one on one, in taking charge of your business and on-goingly support you in creating the kind of success you deserve!

This program is only for creative, pro-active artists of all kinds ready to take on the challenges of your career in a focused structure who want guidance, support, and sometimes the extra motivation that can only come in a coaching relationship.  Collaboration is key.  Plus it’s more fun than trying to figure it out all by your lonesome.

Working within this program for 90 days with a committed PARTNER in carving a path and creating the promises around your actions will completely make the difference you’ve been longing for. We will hold you to account!
And you can count on us!

Cool or COOL?

“When I enrolled in the AAP program I had a great feeling it would change my career.  It went further… it changed my life. Lisa’s expertise, generosity, and unparalleled commitment to my success were striking in every single session we had together, boosting my self-confidence and pointing me to the most productive strategic actions toward the achievement of my goals. I’ve learned how to market myself and how to efficiently cultivate long-lasting relationships within the industry as well as how to enjoy the business part of the show, which I used to avoid.  I now have an organized system so so I’m able to schedule my actor tasks and complete them more efficiently. I’ve also learned the importance of acknowledging myself for my accomplishments as well as other industry for theirs, which is VERY important.  It may sound simple and easy to achieve, but I certainly couldn’t on my own. Having Lisa as my accountability partner was essential to the leap I have had in my career. She has been, and will remain, my career coach/mentor and friend. This has definitely been THE BEST investment I’ve ever made in my career so far.  I THANK YOU Lisa.– Tom Schubert

“I met Christian Rozakis for the first time in an acting class at UGA Talent Agency in NYC. He became my acting teacher, my mentor, and my entertainment career coach. He is one of those mentors who invests in the work as much as you do. He reminds you to simply fall in love with what you do and become the best you can be. He promotes an environment that feels relaxed and safe and he always makes it fun! He cares deeply for the arts and for people’s personal successes. I can’t recommend him more.” – Evgeniya Radilova

Common questions and comments heard from creatives over and over again are “What does it really take be successful? What’s my next step? What can I do effectively and without struggle that will give me the best and quickest results? What could I do that I′m not now doing that works?  Really, I’d do what it takes if someone would just tell me what it takes.”  That last one is a doozey!  There’s a LOT to do – so let a personal coach be your partner and your guide.

The APP format provides support and mentoring DIRECTLY from Lisa Gold and Christian Rozakis and we’ll help and encourage you every step along the way. We’ll brainstorm on your projects, ideas, and get those questions ANSWERED.  We’ll guide and support you so that you continue to feel connected to your BIG DREAM and current short term vision for your creative career.

Taking INSPIRED action in your career and in your life has never
been so easy…’cause we’ve got your back!

Having an accountability partner makes a HUGE difference.  Maybe you’ve even had one before…a friend or colleague, a classmate or neighbor, but it doesn’t always “even” out.  So we are personally taking on being your accountability partner with the APP program to eliminate that “iffyness.”

So how does it work? The Accountability Partnership Program is the best way you can create goals, define actions, and break them all down to small, attainable steps that leap you forward faster by working with a coach/mentor giving you significant ONE-on-ONE time.  The program is available to creatives everywhere and has the flexibility designed to accommodate an ever changing schedule.

Here’s Where the Accountability Begins: A Laser Focused Zoom Intake Session with BOTH Lisa and Christian!

We’ll begin with a comprehensive and rigorous strategy session focusing on your long term desires and dreams and then we will drill down to actionable, attainable, winning steps focusing primarily on the next 90 days.

Week to week, with your sights set, you will then be guided by Christian Rozakis to the best actions to attain these measurable goals.  Each session, you’ll report what got accomplished, what worked or didn’t and you’ll identify both the opportunities as well as the obstacles along the way.

You’ll then “correct and continue”, resetting the specific tasks for the coming week and so on and so on.  At the end of the 90 days, you’ll look back and see how very far you have come in such a short time!  That’s what working with an accountability partner looks like. RESULTS!

Some of the things you might want to discuss during your coaching time may include:

  • Creating a marketing strategy for gaining representation with agents and managers
  • Getting more detailed in what you’re offering the marketplace besides your talent
  • Preparing for an upcoming meeting or audition with your marketing materials
  • Choosing a new headshot photographer or photos from a recent session as well as positioning your resume credits to uplevel your saleablity
  • Fine-tuning your casting platforms with adjustments that attract industry to call you in for auditions, impacting your visibility with the algorithm, submission notes and more
  • Working on what you say when asked “tell me a little bit about yourself”
  • Acknowledging tasks required (big and small) to reach the very next rung on the ladder to your desired goals
  • Mindset hacks, overcoming obstacles, identifying opportunities and getting and staying on track
  • Creating, nurturing and mining relationships you have and/or need
  • Taking on the tech that can help you create your image/brand and digital footprint
  • Honing your marketing message for whatever creative “product” you’re selling

Remember, the sky′s the limit on how we can work together to help get you where you want to go!  You along with Lisa and Christian will design a structure and architecture of a plan for your program, and then you generate promises that you’ll accomplish between one meeting and the next. The following sessions (choose from weekly 30 minute sessions or bi-monthly hour long sessions) you’ll discuss what got accomplished, what didn’t, what obstacles and/or opportunities presented themselves and, most importantly, how you felt about doing all there is to do in accomplishing your goals.  Oh yes, and you’ll celebrate the wins, big and small, every step of the way! The journey is truly just as much fun as the destination…if you’re doing it right!  It has to be…or you’ll most likely quit before you get into any real career momentum.  And you’re not a quitter…we won’t let you!

Many artists have a lot of the same questions about their career, and we’ve got a lot of the answers because of our vast background and experience.  But that’s not enough to ensure the results you want.  You’ll have a lot of work to do and attention you’ll need to pay to certain focused actions that will move you closer to your unique goals.  And sometimes it’s hard…especially on your own.  So don’t go it alone…

  • Create an architecture and structure for ANYTHING you say you want

  • Have YOUR promises managed and be held accountable by a committed partner

  • Design and brainstorm with a master in the areas you are most passionate about and see your dreams manifest QUICKLY

  • Have ON-GOING private coaching sessions that inspire you to take ACTion

  • Participate in the collective wisdom that is available in partnership as distinct from individual

  • Have FUN and PLAY become what you used to call work!


“I find working with Lisa to be VERY motivating. I finally have someone with an objective and trustworthy point-of-view supporting me and holding me accountable in doing what I needed to achieve my goals. Lisa gives it to me straight, with no holds barred honesty when it comes to anything from choosing a headshot, to writing a cover letter, to what to do in real life critical situations pertaining to my career. Most importantly, Lisa has taught me how to continue independently to see these types of results on my own. I highly recommend this program because she has a wealth of information and way of delivering it so that you will WANT to apply what you learn.” — J. Nicole Ralph

“Christian’s enthusiasm and experience will encourage anyone and everyone to keep their head up and tackle their goals moving forward, whatever they may be. He’s helped me break through some of life’s roadblocks, many of which we unknowingly build ourselves. Change takes work, a lot of hard work. And for that to happen, a curriculum is essential and most importantly a guide is essential. Christian has been the perfect guide to getting me from point A to point B in the quickest most efficient fashion. I’m so happy to be working with him and plan on continuing throughout the year.” — Jamie Faryniak 

“I have been asked by a lot by new or returning actors how to get going in this field. I always answer by directing people towards Act Outside the Box. Lisa Gold’s enthusiasm and personal drive are inspiring, but that’s not all…she KNOWS what she’s talking about AND the prices for her services are very reasonable. You’ll have fun and you’ll learn a LOT, and participating will increase your enthusiasm and self-confidence which will certainly help you get more auditions, and more bookings.” — Barbara Malley

“How I wish I had known about Lisa and her mentoring program when I first started out. It would have saved me so much time and effort and money!! Its amazing what you can do when you follow some basic rules, and if one is a bit diligent, one can track their own progress week to week. She is a friend and a guide and has a wealth of information, keeping people honest and expecting us to keep asking for more of ourselves and her – she keeps you on your toes!! I think that’s why it works so well.” — Sujoy De

“I invested in the program to find out what I was doing “wrong” and why my career wasn’t where I wanted it to be. First, I learned how much I actually was doing “right.” Then I learned what I can do to improve upon that – simple, common-sense, effective things that make all the difference in growing and maintaining a career. Knowing that Lisa was keeping tabs on my progress helped me power through on some tasks I might otherwise have tried to blow off. Already, I’m seeing amazing positive results from my efforts. Instead of pleading for my career, I’m navigating it. What a welcome change!” — Cailin McDonald

“Dear Lisa, I wish to let you know the truly profound, life changing effect you’ve had upon me in the brief period since our paths first crossed at that SAG-AFTRA seminar. Words fall far from their mark and seem inadequate for me to express my deeply heartfelt gratitude to you. My decision to attend your “Think and Grow Rich Acting” seminar, and subsequently ask for your mentorship in the APP, has been an UNBELIEVABLE journey. I have unwavering faith that you sincerely wish to help be my guide down a path I’ve not yet tread. Your ability to help me mold and shape my desires and goals along the way is priceless. I am constantly amazed, as I do the work day to day, how much I’ve learned about the “biz”, and surprisingly, (a bonus) about myself. So, I will simply say – Thank you Lisa.” — Daniel Goodavage 

“Christian Alexander Rozakis has been GOLDEN in orchestrating my new platform approach to resurrecting my career! From helping me pick out the perfect headshot to submitting profiles for Casting Networks and Actors Access. With great patience and warmth he has helped me gather all my materials to form a beautiful resume I can be proud of. With his in-depth knowledge of how the industry works he has given me a great sense of how to take control of my career. But here’s the greatest service I needed most of all…..THE GENUINE MOTIVATION he gives me in putting it all into ACTion!!!  Many thanks and in gratitude,.” — Nancy Valentine

Having a successful career as a creative professional is no accident! Here are the criteria to participate in the Accountability Partnership Program:

You’re committed for a MINIMUM of 3 months.  Continuing or completing after that is totally up to you.

You’re willing to do Whatever It Takes (WIT).

You realize that your success is 100% up to you. You’ll have a committed partner but can’t do it for you.

All levels are accepted, but YOU recognize that it′s time to have an accountability partner.

After registering you’ll receive an orientation form to fill out and return with your current marketing materials and choice of preferred appointment times. The request is that you return all requested items within 48 hours of receiving it and your first meeting is scheduled as soon as possible after registering. Your program will actually begin the minute you COMMIT!

So are you ready for a committed ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER???

“Yes! I’ll take you up on your offer to hold me to account!  But just one thing…how much does it cost?”

Aaaahhh, yes there is a cost, however we know you’ll get a much greater payoff  than the money you will spend.  We’ve always been dedicated to the end of the “starving artist”, so the price to participate in the APP program a very affordable $197 per month billed automatically to your credit card. Or…

If you pay in full and you’ll receive a $50 savings!

That’s only $541 for the entire 3 month program!  Three months of working directly with talent agent and awesome coach, Christian Rozakis, entirely in service of YOUR career and Lisa Gold overseeing your entire program.

This investment in bringing your creativity to market, so you can get paid to do what you love, is often less expensive than monthly classes that continue to hone your “show”, but don’t do much for your “business”. In the end you need both to be a truly successful working professional creative.

Only $541
(save 50 bucks!)


3 Payments –
$197 per month on a 30 day cycle
(minimum 3 month commitment)

Our passion and commitment is helping creative artists just like YOU to actually achieve your goals, which is why this program was designed to be so flexible, accessible and affordable. We sincerely hope you′ll join us for this opportunity to work together toward a common goal – YOURS!

Lisa Gold and Christian Rozakis

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent this program and it′s potential. Participation is intended for educational purposes only. Please also consider that information given in the Actor Accountability Partnership program is not a guarantee of work, representation or potential income. Each individual is responsible for his or her own success by the actions taken and effort applied as well as his or her own background/credits, talent, dedication, desire and motivation. Lisa Gold is not a lawyer, accountant, business adviser or tax expert and any decisions in these areas should be discussed with the appropriate business professionals.