A Faster Way to Realize Your Dreams

Here’s a little “to do” that if you actually DO it, will help you get what you want much faster!  But of course, you have to know what it is you want for this to work.  I have found in my coaching sessions that not distinguishing what EXACTLY my client wants is the biggest obstacle to a successful acting career that dreams are made of.  “I just want to make my living as an actor” is not a goal…at least one that can have a strategic plan with actions that will bring you that manifestation.  

So what do YOU want?

WRITE down your big dream, short term desire (a 90 day goal) and a supportive belief.  What do I mean by that?  Here’s an example:

Big Dream:  I have just been nominated for my first Oscar and am about to appear on a hit late night talk show.  

Short Term Desire:  I have just been cast in my first leading role for PAY in an independent film.

Supportive Belief:  Because of my strong acting skills and fabulous network, I believe my determination and natural likability will make it easy for me to get cast in the kind of projects that I want to act in.

Give yourself the gift of this 15 minute exercise and I can absolutely guarantee a HUGE difference will be seen in 90 days. Why, because what you FOCUS on expands.  Attention to your dreams and goals (a dream with a deadline) is what speeds up any process!

Why 90 days?  Because some scientist or genius figured out that anything done for this amount of time eventually becomes habitual.  And creating the habit of focusing on exactly what you want will have it come to you faster.

For more assistance I’ve put together the 90 Kick Butt Kick Start Program workbook for you if you’re feeling like this would be helpful to you. Give it a try!

Also, I’d love to hear about some of your big dreams and short term desires in the comments below!

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  1. Gabi Faye
    Gabi Faye says:

    Big Dream: series regular on a hit TV series.
    Short term desire: sign with a management company & start booking auditions for network TV
    Supportive Belief: With my determination and continued research of the industry and its professionals, the opportunities I seek will be found in due time as I continue to hike up the acting career mountain.


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