90-Day Kick Butt Kick Start Program

Stay on-track, focused,
and achieving results.

For three months, on a daily basis, you′ll complete a page in the workbook.  You′ll also answer other questions designed to delve deep into what’s working and what’s not, what you can correct and how to continue in the face of obstacles.  You’ll build a strong foundation over time that will create a PROCESS for your acting career that has your pursuit of each and every goal become EASY.

It will be up to you to complete the pages daily.  At the end of each week you can look back to measure and monitor your progress in several areas. The program includes journal writing, affirmations, selecting and dissecting goals, big and small and you’ll have an “existence system” for the pursuit of your plan. At the end of 90 days of focus on your career and keeping track of your actions, you will have RESULTS!!!

TESTIMONIAL:  “My acting accountability partner and I decided to take on the 90-Day Kick Butt Kick Start to see if we could get some momentum started in our acting careers. The results have been fantastic! I am now averaging 3 auditions a week, call-backs are starting to happen consistently and since starting, I booked my biggest job to date. But I really believe the most critical part of the program is that it kept me connected to WHY I was taking the actions I was taking. It’s amazing how quickly doing what needs to be done in this business can feel like a burden, but with the 90-day program I was always clear about how my actions were fulfilling my greater intention – to be a WORKING actress. AND it gave me a chance to celebrate my accomplishments – giving me a genuine sense of fulfillment.”  ~ Heather Dowling

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