14 Ways to Get INSANELY Motivated!

It’s the middle of the winter, so with a chill in the air, cold and flu season at an all time high which can often slow ya down, and the post holiday blues…hopefully over by now, I thought it appropriate to give you all a little lift: a blog post that I guarantee will make you more successful (what ever that means to you!) for the rest of the year and beyond.

Here are 14 quick strategies to get and keep yourself motivated:

1. Condition your mind. Train yourself to think positive thoughts while avoiding negative thoughts.

2. Condition your body. It takes physical energy to take action.  Get your food and exercise plan in place and follow it just like your business plan.  I just started back at the gym again, yay!

3. Avoid negative people. They drain your energy and waste your time, so hanging with them is like shooting yourself in the foot…or worse. Learn and practice the word NO!

4. Seek out the similarly motivated. This is why the Act Outside the Box community exists.  The positive energy of like-minded, pro-active actors will rub off on you and you can model their success strategies.

5. Have big goals–but remain flexible. No actor biz plan should be cast in concrete, lest it become more important than achieving the goal.  Know that every plan will alter.

6. Act with a higher purpose.  I love this one.  Any activity or action that doesn’t serve your higher goal is wasted effort–and should be avoided at all costs.  Really “check in” with your gut…it never lies.

7. Take responsibility for your own results. If you blame (or credit) luck, fate or divine intervention, you’ll always have an excuse.

8. Stretch past your limits on a daily basis. Walking the old, familiar paths is how you grow old. Stretching makes you grow and evolve.  I do something called “never dones”.  Basically I take on, at least once a week, something I’ve never done before.  It’s VERY exciting.

9. Don’t wait for perfection; do it now! Perfectionists are the losers in the game of life.  I know this because I’m a recovering perfectionist!  Strive for excellence instead.

10. Celebrate your failures. Your most important lessons in life will come from what you don’t achieve. Take time to understand where you fell short, then correct and continue.

11. Don’t make success your highest priority…make it happiness. Success is a feeling, not a thing or a circumstance.  It is a place to come from, not to get to.  Laugh and enjoy every moment of the inspired actions you’re taking toward your goals.  If you can achieve that during the process, you ARE successful.

12. Avoid weak goals.  Goals are the soul of achievement, so never begin them with “I’ll try …”  Always start with “I will” or “I can.”  Big dreams with short term attainable goals are the way to go.  Remember, if you shoot for the moon and miss, you’ll still fall amongst the stars! (quote by Les Brown)

13. Treat inaction as the only real failure.  If you don’t take action, you fail by default and can’t even learn from the experience.  ACT Outside the Box.

14. Think before you speak.  This should actually have been #1…but it’s a GREAT thing to leave you with.  Keep silent rather than express something that doesn’t serve your purpose.

The above is based on a conversation with Omar Periu, one of the world’s best (and best known) motivational speakers.

And what is one of YOUR ways to get and stay motivated?  Please share with your fellow acting community by commenting.  Thanks!

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  1. Robin Madel
    Robin Madel says:

    This is a good list. I also find that not having expectations about how things will turn out lessens my disappointment when things don’t necessarily go my way. That keeps me moving forward because then when they do go my way I’m pleasantly surprised. This has taken some practice (I’m still working on it) but it has helped me redefine success in my life.

  2. Sabrina
    Sabrina says:

    This was was helpful to my despondent feeling this morning having had to cancel another EPA because of life. I usually read your blogs all the way through but today I bah-hum bugged and was about to close the page. Then I read that success is not a place to get to. It’s funny but we always think of it as some “place” to get to. But that is so much an illusion. So if success is not a place, then the only thing left is action or no action. When you feel like you cannot get ANYTHING done, the only true failure in that situation can be inaction. One tiny thing done today and another tomorrow is still better than zero. If you’re in a fragile state embrace the teeny victories because in that state of mind or things, the only thing that can prevent you from the big victories is complete inaction. Thanks for letting me self-help on your blog.

    • Lisa Gold
      Lisa Gold says:

      Sabrina, you not only “self” helped, you helped others too…including me. I’d also like to add that in times of despair, when I re-focus my attention to serving others and take the attention off myself, I instantly feel better. It’s hard to go from 0 to 60 but much easier to go from 0 to 10…then 10 to 30 and 30 to 60…once there, 100 is even faster! So your analogy of a little bit today and a little bit tomorrow is accurate. MOMENTUM is a great goal…there is no outcome or place. AWESOME!


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